Dear Parents and Friends of Penn-Griffin School for the Arts

Our goal for this year is to raise $100,000.  As you know we are unique in that we are two schools in one and the needs are unique as well.  Our middle school is being introduced to the arts while our high school is a full performing arts program.  Our middle school is preparing students for high school and our high school is preparing students for college and beyond.

Of course, we cannot do it without you.  We are looking for all our families to be fully engaged in the initiatives that are taking place.  As a performing arts school we want a state of the art experience for all students.  Therefore, the following initiatives need your support:

Teacher/Student Supply Closet – no more out-of-pocket spending by underpaid teachers Student awards celebrations
Performing/Visual arts (theatre, chorus, piano, guitar, dance, band, orchestra, harp)
All middle school sports programs (basketball, baseball, football, softball, cheerleading) every program deserves a boost!
After-school programming
Teacher/Staff appreciations
Performance fees
Student clubs/student government – we have over 35 clubs
Parent Engagement – parent resources and workshops
Keep Penn-Griffin Beautiful – courtyard and overall campus
Teacher grants – help support teacher innovation
Greenhouse revitalization
Media Center upgrade – high school books and technology

Donors contribute from $5 to $5,000+ and every amount brings us closer to our goal. Please give as generously as you can to help us ensure the best education possible for all students.

Make all checks/money orders payable to PGSA PTSA and return to PTSA Mailbox located in the Main Office.

All contributions are 100% tax deductible. Thank you for your support!

Fall Fundraiser – September 11 – Kick-off

Calling All Parents!  September 11 your student will receive their fundraising packet with the Tervis Cups and OtisSpunkmeyer Cookie Dough and other food products.

We are asking each family to sell a minimum of 10 items in order to reach our goal of a successful fundraiser.

All funds raised will then be allocated by grade for the middle school and by art for the high school.  For example:  All 8th grade student participation will be allocated to the 8th grade activities.  For the high school, all chorus, guitar or theatre, etc. majors will be given their allocation to support the art programs.

Core teachers will be able to apply for special classroom support.

We are working with Cherrydale for this fundraiser.

Please register your student at our Group Fundraising Site:

  • set up your personalized page and share the page with your friends and family online.  Ask for their support.  All students who set up their pages on September 11 will receive a “phone pop socket” and a special candy prize immediately.
  • The overall Top Seller and their Homeroom Teacher will receive a special gift card along with their seller prizes.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Khem Irby @