The goal is to recruit at least three or more parent or community volunteers.   All volunteers must register with as a GCS Volunteer (https://www.gcsvolunteers.com/) and attend training.  We hope that there is something that interests you.  We are asking for at least 3 hours (Three 4 Me) toward volunteering per school year.  The following Committees are available:


Website Manager:





STEM Night Volunteers: 

Hospitality:  Elaine Horton – hortone6919@northstate.net

Box Tops Coordinator: 

Together In Education Coordinator (Harris Teeter): 

Male Involvement: 

Family Night Coordinator: 

Volunteer Coordinator:  Renee Wright – tonyroam215@yahoo.com

Staff Appreciation, Wed. March 7, 2018:

Teacher Appreciation, May 7-11, 2018:

American Education Week, Nov. 13-17, 2017:

Awareness and Cultural Diversity: 

Service Project Coordinator:   PTSA Shoe Drive

School Beautification:   

Healthy Student and School Life: 

Recycling Program Coordinator: 

Concessions Coordinator: 

Career Day Coordinator: 

Year-end Celebration/Fundraiser: 

6th Grade Class Parents: 

7th Grade Class Parents: 

8th Grade Class Parents: 

High School Parent Committee: 

PTSA Board of Directors for 2017-18:

President:   Khem Irby, khemirby@gmail.com

1 Vice President:  Doug Matthews, doug4cad@yahoo.com

2 Vice President:  Kiomarylin Vargas, ojosbellos327@outlook.com

Recording Secretary: Christine Griffith-Legette, C422g@yahoo.com

Treasurer:   Amber Pavlik, ahpavlik@gmail.com

School Liaison to PTSA:  Principal Howard Stimpson, stimpsh@gcsnc.com

Teacher Advisor:  Tiffany Faison, faisont@gcsnc.com