Service-Learning Opportunities

The High School Service-Learning Program offers Guilford County Schools students an opportunity to lead and learn with strong character as they develop social and emotional learning skills. We offer the following recognitions to students who dedicate time within their high school career to make an impact in the community. For detailed information click below:

•  Service-Learning Diploma

•  Service-Learning Exemplary Award

When participating in Service-Learning experiences, we expect parents to:

•  Help your child select an agency/organization/club that will provide him/her an opportunity to positively impact his/her community through service.

•  Sign the Service-Learning Approval Form and, if necessary, assist your child in obtaining a signature from the agency/organization/club.

•  As your child participates in the service, discuss with him/her what he/she is doing; how it is connected with what he/she is learning in school and how it is helping to make positive changes in the community.

How do students get started? In quality Service-Learning experiences, students participate in the following five components known as IPARD (Investigation, Planning & Preparation, Action, Reflection, and Demonstration).

Service-Learning with PTSA:

(1) Assist with PTSA Meetings, (2) Assist with PTSA Fundraising, (3) PGSA/Homegrown Heroes Project, (4) PTSA Pepsi Recycling.  If interested in any of the above opportunities, please contact

For current Service-Learning Providers click here.