Shoeraiser! Jan. 22 – March 22, 2018! All Gently Used/New Shoes

We will have several drop-off areas around the school.  The Shoeraiser will have impact abroad and here at Penn-Griffin.  We will be able to give some support to all of the performing arts programs, our teachers and special student projects.  The details are on the flyer.

Please feel free to share with your friends and any faith-based organizations.  Our goal is collect 200 bags of shoes.  The homeroom middle school class with the most bags filled will receive a special celebration.  The high school class (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) with the most shoes will receive their special celebration.  Each bag must be filled with 25 wearable shoes.

High School students who wish to become Shoe Collectors and Loaders should contact Khem Irby at to coordinate.  This project is service-learning eligible.

Flyer: F2ODriveFlyer-1-PowerPoint